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CFR2610 Convertible
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Hybrid – Being a Coaxial Point Source or an element of a Straight Line Array.

Stoll Convertible stands for a totally new generation of professional loudspeaker systems. The major feature of this DSP- controlled system is its ability to act as a point-source radiator or as being one module of a line-array. In both operating modes the system exhibits no compromise in performance, which equals or surpasses that of conventional specialized speakers in many respects.

Sound Quality and High Output Capacity – Ranging from the opera to a Goa-party, from a corporate event to Rock‘n’Roll.

Superb technology and transducer-elements of the finest quality ensure a pristine sound reproduction. In reference to the original, Stoll Convertible emphasizes on the acoustic restoration of the electrical input. High output is attained by a tight density of the drivers and a powerful DSP-controlled amplifying. Covering audience and stage with a sound quality that allows to realize even a custom studio monitoring.

Rental Stock and Pooling Efficiency – One speaker for many applications.

More and more demanding requests in a continuously changing sphere challenge todays event services also concerning the sound. Stoll Convertibles main economic advantage is based on its hybrid multi-purpose flexibility. Therefore it offers a better and easier management of stocking, logistics and pooling. Complex logistics are more easy to deal with using Stoll Convertibles proverbial flexibility.

Mobile PA and Sound Reinforcement – in its finest quality, utmost efficient and flexible in totally different surroundings.

Stoll Convertible is thought, developped and made for mobile application in the field of sound reinforcement and public address. Having a compact and rugged package, it offers an integrated flying system also to be used for ground support. Stoll Convertible is a practical, performant tool made to take the rigours of the road.

Acoustic Pixel Technology APT – Smaller transducers in a high density configuration bring power and flexibility.

Transducer density is the key to an effective and loud speaker system. Stoll Convertible uses many smaller drive-units. Together they reproduce the signal into its true acoustic form for both forms of radiation. Neighbouring Wave Field Synthesis technologies, APT integrates high output and sound quality with the flexibility to control dispersion.

Switch Me – Two different types of dispersion out of the same box.

Speakers and their electronic DSP-control are switched to either a Coaxial Point Source CPS or to a line-array element in a row of others forming a Straight Line Array SLA. In each operating mode the Stoll Convertible makes no compromise compared to other specialized speaker-systems. It even sets new standards regarding many respects.

The Challenge – Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible comes to reality.

The Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible offers all what was described above and more. Sound quality has always been Stolls main concern since its beginnings over 20 years ago. Only a pristine sound quality with power qualifies Stoll Convertible to cover most and the most demanding different applications which rental companies and event services work with. Being switchable between line- and point-source operation leads to easier logistics and better economy. Combined in a neat package with the output and reliability Stoll users like since years.

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